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De Novo Imports proudly stands as one of the premier suppliers in the fashion accessories business.

How Safe Are The Fashion Jewelries You Buy?

Can glittery earrings and shiny necklaces pose a threat to your safety? Many consumers are unaware that products are tainted with high levels of lead. Lead contamination has been linked to cardiovascular issues, kidney failures, and nervous system damage, among other health complications.

The New York Time article, “Fashion at a Very High Price,” discusses the dangers of inexpensive fashion accessories.

“The brighter and shinier they are, the greater the risk,” said environmental journalist Deborah Blum.

Retailers, both large and small, face the hazards that come with using lead. According to the article, companies like Target, H&M, Guess, and J. Crew did not violate lead standards but stores like Wet Seal, Charlotte Russe, and Forever 21 have exceeded lead limits. Retailers can reduce contamination through quality control or face fines of up to $10,000 to the Center for Environmental Health. This comes after a 2010 lawsuit filed by the center against more than 40 corporations regarding their lead usage.

Younger demographics, particularly women of childbearing ages, should be more aware of the potential risks of lead. “Lead accumulates in bones and can be released during pregnancy with the potential to harm both the mother and fetus,” said Blum.

Women between the ages of 20-35 are certainly not the only ones prone to the effects of lead. Lead contamination is a threat to all consumers.

De Novo Imports designs and manufactures fashion jewelry that is of the highest quality, on-trend, and safe to wear. In order to minimize risks associated with contaminants like lead in our products, we work with manufacturers who share industry ethics and standards when it comes to quality control. The raw materials and manufacturing processes adhere to regulatory guidelines of California Proposition 65. De Novo also implements our own random testings to ensure that our products are tested and safe before they ever reach our customers.

Ensuring that products are nontoxic, especially for fashion accessories retailers, is key. “If you buy products that are not contaminated, there’s undoubtedly an extra cost,” said Dr. Lanphear, a health sciences professor at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver and a leading expert in lead contamination. “But there are much larger benefits.”

The financial and ethical liabilities from contamination indicate the importance of quality control throughout the entire industry. Lead contamination can tarnish a retailer’s reputation but with proper practices, both businesses and customers benefit from safe-to-wear accessories.

Proposition 65 At A Glance:

  • Standard industry practice that requires businesses to publish a list of chemicals known to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm
  • Features over 800 chemicals including lead and cadmium
  • Warnings are placed on product labels if listed chemicals are present

Come see the show-winning Jewelry at IFJAG NY

De Novo Imports has established itself as one of the leading fashion accessories suppliers in the world. We carry six different lines, including the popular Mia Collection that’s perfect for everyday wear, that cater to diverse clientele. The wide selection of available brands appeal to diverse fashion needs of the customer population, which makes your work of finding the right products for your customers an easy task.

We actively participate in industry trade shows so that we can meet our clients and prospects face-to-face.

This past March, De Novo presented the Mia brands at the 2017 ASD Las Vegas Show and won the “Best of Show” trophy in the Style & Beauty category.

Our team worked hard to deliver a standout showcase that featured an impressive 28 booths.

You have a chance to meet us at our next event at the IFJAG Show in New York from February 10-13, 2018. We are located in room 2027 of the Affinia Manhattan Hotel on 371 7th Ave. We look forward to meeting both customers and prospects in this private and quiet setting where our jewelry pieces take center stage.

We are also running a special sweepstakes that gives you a chance to take home a brand new iPad mini. The only qualification is that you visit our booth and put your business card in the sweepstakes bin from 9AM to 2PM. We will be drawing a business card from the bin each day for the first three days of the show at 3PM and giving away a new iPad mini. Your chances of being the lucky winner is very good.

Due to limited spacing, we are unable to showcase our entire collection of jewelry. Luckily, our showroom is located just 4 minutes walking distance from the Affinia Hotel. We invite you to visit us at our showroom located on 1239 Broadway Suite 1100 and take a look our dazzling lineup of accessories. Reach us at (212)-725-0003 if necessary. We hope to see you there!

Taking Home the Big Prize at ASD

Thank you for visiting our booth at the 2017 FW ASD Show. Show after show, we anticipate meeting one-on-one with our customers in Las Vegas. Presenting new designs from our Mia brands for the season to current and prospective clients is truly a delight.

This year, ASD awarded us with the “Best of Show” trophy in the Style & Beauty category.

With an impressive 28 booths, our team worked incredibly hard to deliver a standout showcase that matched the strength of our product design. We also used this opportunity to exhibit our merchandising and presentation skills to really create an exciting customer experience.

Additionally, we administered a customer survey to gauge your satisfaction level with our products and services at the show. We ran a sweepstakes promotion with an Apple iPad as the first prize and and an iPad mini as the second prize. Two winners were selected at random- we hope that you enjoy your prizes. Thank you to all who participated.

Our success and drive to continually exceed expectations is solely because of our customers. Without your continued interest, support, and participation, we would not be where we are today. We are deeply grateful and honored by the “Best of Show” award and look forward to bringing you another award-worthy showcase in 2018.

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