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From product design to final product delivery,
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Outsourcing Partner

De Novo's One-Stop Shop Solution for Outsourcing

Product Design
Our in-house design team is led by an industry veteran who has over 25 years in the fashion jewelry business with creative design and fashion trend forecasting. Our design staffs possess a wealth of experience with all of them having at least 10 years of design experience in the industry. Our design team is able to create a fashion jewelry line for a private label business or develop a line or customized set pieces in collaboration. If you have a design challenge, our in-house design experts are at the ready to advise and help you in overcoming those challenges.

Product Development
All of the product development process takes place in-house with our manufacturing partners overseas. The drafting of design specs to making of prototype samples and then production samples, we oversee the entire process to ensure the process is smooth and error-free. This process enables us to closely monitor and QA the production process to ensure regulatory compliance as well as any additional customer level compliance requirements.

Factory Sourcing
Are you in need of a manufacturer? De Novo can help you gain access to highly ethical and regulatory compliant manufacturers through its own network of manufacturing partners. The ability to partner up with De Novo means that your designs and ideas can be mass produced without the costly infrastructure and time-consuming effort to manage the process. Besides, we have a robust quality control process in place to make sure your products are as it was meant to be and not one iota off from the original design specification. Just think of it as a worry-free solution for your manufacturing needs.

Supply Chain Management
The process of moving the final products from manufacturing facilities in Asia into the hands of your customers is a daunting task. The task of timely movement of goods through various mode of transportation can only be accomplished through experience. Not only movement of goods, but storing them as well as clearing them through customs are all a part of logistics process that is filled with pitfalls and complications which can drain your resources. At De Novo, we have professionals that are experienced in the entire supply chain equation to bring added-value through smooth and seamless delivery of products without the worry of managing this task in-house.

We welcome any inquiries that you may have in determining your outsourcing needs.

Private Label

We are set up to provide a sophisticated one-stop shop for all facets of private label fashion jewelry business.

Look no further when you need a reliable partner to support your business needs with a private label fashion jewelry. We are set up to provide a sophisticated one-stop shop for all facets of private label fashion jewelry business. We have in-house jewelry designers that can develop concepts and design a distinctive jewelry line. We have highly reliable and ethical manufacturing facilities in Asia that can manufacture the jewelries off of design specs. In addition, our experience in logistics enables seamless delivery of final products to anywhere around the world within the expected delivery window. Give us a call for a consultation.

Customized Solution

De Novo can provide seamless service to not only meet,
but to exceed your expectations.

De Novo partners with retailers to provide customized solutions to meet a particular need. Whether it is an engagement requiring collaborative designs or managing your product logistics, we work to tailor the right solution to fit your business needs and budget. When the need arises for creative designs, factory sourcing or logistics that cannot be done in-house, De Novo can step in to assist in providing seamless service to not only meet, but to exceed your expectations. De Novo is always ready to partner up with you to custom-tailor our services, so you can concentrate on what you do best.

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